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CC 101: Identity and Community 28 November 2006 Final Essay Wars have erupted due to the civil rights of man for thousands of years, often occurring in nations that are poor, autocratic, and regionally divided; most often the nations of Africa. Although these circumstances do not always result in civil wars, the United States and England have each had their own severe civil war during periods of great wealth in the nation. Within these deprived nations, a poorly run governmental system causes rifts within the population. O45reften influential leaders of these countries are corrupted and pocket money earned from the various economic industries, thus leaving the citizens of the nation in poverty. Due to the severe conditions and neglected civil rights, the populace often forms a rebel force in order to overthrow the corrupted regime. By doing so, they country is divided and erupts into civil war, often lasting several years due to the funds reaped by the corrupted leaders and their corrupted trading and business transactions. Subsequently when an individual’s natural born rights as a citizen of their country are disregarded and brushed under the carpet they slowly fester until they eventually explode into an unwarranted war. A war that was perfectly preventable if only the issue received enough attention to begin with. Civil rights issues often create several divisions within a community, therefore hindering community building. Communities can range from local, for instance, a high school community to large scale referring to an entire nation. Since populations are 1
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already divided by race, class, and religion, central civil rights arguments further separate an already divided populace and within any society extremists often turn to violence to solve the problem at hand. As extremists leaders gain acceptance within the alienated community promising change and prosperity, instead of peacefully resolving the conflicts they instead break out into a full fledged civil war between opposing sides. Civil wars often last several years in poverty stricken nations and they often need United Nations intervention in order to reach a cease fire. Philip Gourevitch, author of We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families, stated that, “Genocide, after all, is an exercise in community building. A vigorous totalitarian order requires that the people be invested in the leaders’ scheme, and while genocide may be the most perverse and ambitious means to this end, it is also the most comprehensive.” (Gourevitch 95) Most would think of genocide and community building as polar opposites, but Gourevitch relates the two. In order to help resolve civil wars within the nations of Africa a country must gain
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CC 101- Final Essay - 1 CC 101: Identity and Community 28...

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