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1 CC 101: Identity and Community 19 September 2006 Tattoo Culture Within any subculture there is a sense of camaraderie; a brotherhood to which an individual can turn to in order to feel accepted. While reasons may differ from person to person for choosing to belong to their own subculture, in the end everyone within the unit will have someone to turn to, someone who is similar to them. Whether they are similar in appearance or beliefs, they are connected by a common identity. Although an ancient art, tattooing is relatively new to twenty-first century westerners and is slowly gaining acceptance in mainstream America. In the past twenty years, the idea of tattooing has changed from being a vulgar act only experienced by criminals, sailors, and bikers and has exploded into a pop-culture craze in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Before the pop-culture rage, those who chose to be “inked” where those who society exiled; those who were different in the eyes of the norm. Their desire to be different than the majority led them to tattoo themselves, and resulted in them being stereotyped as rebellious freaks. But why should society coin them as rebellious for wanting to be different, to stand out in the crowd? Those who were tattooed were unfairly labeled as being unkempt, rude, and angry at the world for not accepting them. Many of those being tattooed were also included in another subculture, for instance, gays lesbians, bisexuals, and criminals. They had already grown accustomed to being rejected and the art of tattooing brought them closer to each other. They no longer needed the comfort of
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Tattoo Culture - 1 CC 101: Identity and Community 19...

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