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Ebay HR - o Reimbursement for adoption costs of up to $5000...

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John Giardiniere March 27, 2008 Ebay Inc. HR Benefits: Insurance: o Life insurance for two times annual salary o Full health insurance including a comprehensive dental plan and vision plan o Short and long term disability insurance o Business travel accident insurance Time Off: o Paid time off accruing at 16 days per year plus an extra day per year for every year you’ve worked for the company, up to a maximum of 20 extra. o 10 holiday and one floating holiday o After 5 years you can take a 4 week paid sabbatical to pursue whatever you want o Extended leaves of absence paid for things such as pregnancy Financial: o 401(k) plan that you can contribute up to 20% of your annual salary for, and Ebay will match it up to $2000 per year. o 15% discount on Ebay stock o Referral program that can earn a referrer up to $1000 if the referred person is hired Misc: o Ebay development workshops to improve job efficiency
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Unformatted text preview: o Reimbursement for adoption costs of up to $5000 if the adopted child is under 18 o Reimbursement for tuition of up to $5250 for classes taken while working at Ebay Close-up on stock options: • Ebay is proposing to give its employees an average of $318,000 in stock options this year. (Kopytoff) • The industry average for employee stock options is $6468, about 50 times less than what ebay was proposing • This is skewed due to the huge gifts given to top execs, but it is still a legitimate way they are keeping employees in. Bibliography: Kopytoff, Verne. “EBay staff sitting pretty: Investors complain over-generous options could hurt stock” http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2004/06/24/BUG0G7AS031.DTL&type=business 3/27/08....
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Ebay HR - o Reimbursement for adoption costs of up to $5000...

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