Bagini test essay - John Giardiniere 4/2/08 Baggini and the...

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John Giardiniere 4/2/08 Baggini and the origins of life Essay In the first chapter of his work “What’s It All About?” Julian Baggini makes the ultimate argument that looking at our origins does not tell us anything about our purpose for life, or how we should go about living it, regardless of whether we believe naturalist accounts or creationist accounts of the beginning of the world. Ultimately what is necessary then is for us to form our own tools, as we are as Satre would say, flint that is useable for cutting but not designed for it as opposed to a knife which was made for cutting. What we find meaning in is up to us, but his main argument is that we simply cannot determine it from looking in the past. Baggini begins by differentiating between naturalistic and creationist theories. He uses broad terms, as to encapsulate all the various “hybrid” theories under one umbrella or the other. Simply put, creationist theories say that the universe was created by something or someone, on purpose, whereas naturalist theory says the earth and the universe came into existence on its own, by accident, through various methods, big bang, evolution, etc, and that human beings are one of the results of that, coming into existence billions of years after the process began. In his arguments, that is all that’s necessary to explain, one does not need to go into any further depth than that, as in the end it doesn’t really matter which account one believes, it has the same repercussions. Arguing for the lack of purpose to life for a naturalist is easy Baggini says. Since the world was
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Bagini test essay - John Giardiniere 4/2/08 Baggini and the...

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