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Sexual harrasment Memo - To: From: Subject: Date: B. G....

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To: B. G. Wheel, General Manager From: John Giardiniere, Angela Smith, Courtney Rutledge, Justin Stevens, Chris Jenkins Subject: Charge of Sexual harassment Date: Thursday, February 20, 2008 Monday of this week, Ms. T.O. Hott submitted charges to the HR Department that she was sexually harassed by Mr. D. A. Stud, a fellow employee. Included in her charges were complaints that Mr. Stud stared at her constantly, made suggestive comments, and referred to her in a demeaning manner, despite her requests on numerous occasions for him to stop. Their Reputations both affect these charges. Mr. Stud Is known to be a ladies man, though no complaints have surfaced before, while Ms. Hott dresses provocatively and is known to have had affairs with many coworkers in the past. We investigated into this by checking both of their work email accounts. Mr. Stud has not only received numerous email s from websites containing pornographic material, he also has several correspondences with fellow co-workers about a promising new coworker who he had no doubt he could soon “get into his crib and rock her to sleep.” He also had sent an e-card to Ms. hott with a chocolate chip cookie singing a song with the lyrics “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on baby let me know.” She did not reply to that E-card. Ms. Hott on the other hand had many correspondences with older male employees that confirm our
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Sexual harrasment Memo - To: From: Subject: Date: B. G....

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