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John Giardiniere Ghum 102 February 27, 2008 Study Questions: 3. According to Epictetus, perception, intention, desire, aversion and whatever we do are up to us, whereas body, property, reputation, political office and everything that is not our own doing. 4 .We should destroy desire to prevent us from desiring something not up to us, which then when we do not attain it we will be miserable. Therefore it is safer to destroy desire than to not have what we desire. 5. We should not be upset when our loved ones die, we should think of them instead as human beings, and not be sad for them, for it is just a thing, and it is the idea of death that scares us, not death itself. You treat it the same way you would a pot, if you say “this is a pot” and it breaks, you are not sad, in the same way take your family and say “these are human beings” so when they die you are not sad. 6. We not seek for things to happen as we would wish, but instead we need to wish that things would happen as they normally would, that life would go on as it normally does. Epictetus says this is what will
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