Magic Flute Summary

Magic Flute Summary - Magic Flute Summary The opera opens...

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Magic Flute Summary The opera opens with a serpent chasing a prince named Tamino. He faints, and three ladies appear and kill the serpent. All three women fall in love with him, and each wants to guard over him while the other two go to tell the queen about him. Tamino begins to stir, and the ladies leave. Tamino then sees Papageno, a bird catcher. Tamino thinks that Papageno killed the serpent, and Papageno goes along with it. The three ladies then reappear. Papageno attempts to trade birds for food and wine from them, but instead they give him water, stones, and padlock his mouth because he lied about killing the serpent. The ladies tell Tamino that they killed the serpent, and they show him a picture of the daughter of the Queen of the Night, Pamina. He falls in love with her. The ladies then tell Tamino that the Queen of the Night wants him to save Pamina from Sarastro, a demon who stole her. The Queen then appears and tells Tamino that if he saves Pamina, he can have her hand in marriage. The ladies remove Papageno’s padlock, and give Tamino a magic flute that makes people happy to help him on his quest. The ladies also tell Papageno that he is to aid Tamino. They give him chimes for protection. They also offer Papageno and Tamino three boys to provide them with guidance on their journey. Scene Change Three slaves are in Sarastro’s palace, and they say that Pamina has run away. Monostatos forcefully brings Pamina into the room. Papegeno then appears and Monostatos sees him. They both think that the other is the devil and Monostatos runs off. Pamina wakes up, and she learns from Papageno that her mother has sent Tamino to save her. Pamina is very excited that a prince is in love with her, and Papageno reveals that he is looking for
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Magic Flute Summary - Magic Flute Summary The opera opens...

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