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Samantha Ward February 20, 2007 1. I think that my topic is realistic to today’s generation. I believe that we are all very influenced by what we see on television and in magazines. Reality shows in particular are very influential because kids are led to believe that they are watching the lives of real people but what they do not realize is that those lives are not real at all. Much editing has been done to those shows and it gives a different view on many things. 2. Some key terms or concepts related to my topic are those such as fashion trends, influence from the media, influence from reality television, and the effect celebrities have on kids in today’s generation. 3. Viewpoints differ on my topic. Some believe that the shows are very influential and other say that they have no effect whatsoever. I believe it all depends on whom you are asking or what exactly you are asking them about. Everybody has their own standpoint on this topic, and some people are more for it than others.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I learned that many people have different viewpoints on the topic. I also learned that different things can influence the way kids act or the way they change and look at different situations. Relationships have been affected and I read an article about that. I also learned that my generation really depends on being wealthy when they get older and they will do anything to get it. 5. I still need to find some statistics to back up the information that I have found during my research. I would also like to find magazine articles that are in popular magazines that give a picture and an article about my topic because I know that there has to be one out there. 6. I want to continue researching this topic because I am interested to learn how much my generation is influenced by silly things shown by the media and on the television....
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