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HISTORYPAPER - a right to his earnings This goes to show...

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Samantha Ward February 26, 2007 After reading “The Right of ‘Free Suffrage,’” I understood the opinions of Americans living back in the 1700’s. It gave me a clearer example of how they viewed the right to vote. The article said that men that did not own property did not have as much independent judgment and should not really have any say when it comes to voting. The writer of the letter I read said that a man not owning property should be able to vote and have “an equal claim to all the privileges, liberties, and immunities of citizens.” In another article the author grouped slaves, servants, woman, Indians, and property-less men together because they are the ones that were denied full freedom. Back to the other article, the author states that every poor man has a life, a personal liberty, and
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Unformatted text preview: a right to his earnings. This goes to show that there were different viewpoints from different people about the right to vote. Some laugh about the government. They think that it is a joke. It was said that the government should be formed under the authority of the people. If half of the people are not allowed to vote, how can the government honestly say that it is the sole choice of the people? The purpose of creating these new colonies and the process of even coming to America was because people wanted the freedom to do as they pleased. Everyone came in hopes of freedom, and equality. Discrimination of minority groups began, now they cannot vote. This angers many people....
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