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SRP – Accelerated Learning/Suggestopedia The teaching and learning strategy of Accelerated Learning (AL), or a method based in suggestopedia, is thought to be beneficial in speeding up the learning process and also maintaining retention of the knowledge. Bulgarian psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov study of suggestopedia set the groundwork for what became known as Accelerated Learning in the USA in 1976. The Suggestology Research Institute was established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1966 and his study was mainly in the subject of foreign language, but it may be useful to consider his studies for teaching throughout the curriculum and also considering the needs of English Language Learners. He claimed that by using his methods students could learn languages approximately three to five times faster then with other more traditional methods, by tapping into hidden potential in the students’ minds. He also claimed that his methods were enjoyable, utilizing such things such as art, role-playing, music, and games. This would decrease burn-out in the classroom and keep students interested in stress-free learning. If this is accurate, the methods would certainly be useful to consider. Suggestopedia comes from two words, “suggestion” and “pedagogy”. Lozanov believed that people learn through both their conscious and subconscious. He also believed that everything made a suggestion on the mind, either consciously or subconsciously. So not only is what the teacher says is important, but also things such as the mood, tone, and other environmental stimuli are important. By using the power of suggestion, in both the conscious and subconscious aspects, all aspects of the mind are tapped into and learning may progress more quickly. This is especially true with the power of positive suggestion. If teachers send the message that learning is fun and mastery of the subject is achievable, learners will be able to conquer any limiting inhibitions they may have held to begin with. Essentially, for students to learn, it is very important that they believe that they can do it and positive reinforcement plays a key role in this. Suggestopedia was changed to Accelerated Learning in the United States with the development of SALT, or the Society of Accelerative Learning Techniques. More
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recently the name was changed to IAL, International Alliance for Learning. The name change reflected the advances in learning and teaching strategies that are constantly being discovered such as multiple intelligences and advances in neuroscience. It is nice is this aspect, that the professionals are keeping an open mind and incorporating new information to best help their students learn. According to the IAL the model of AL is based on 10 core elements.
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1 - SRP Accelerated Learning/Suggestopedia The teaching and...

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