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Chinese New Year Lesson

Chinese New Year Lesson - 1 Lesson Celebrating the Chinese...

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1 Lesson: Celebrating the Chinese New Year Social Studies—Grade Level 3 Approximate time: 1 period of 30-45 minutes Adapted from lesson by Nan Ray at LessonPlanspage.com www.lessonplanspage.com/printables/POSSLAArtCelebrateChineseNewYearK3.htm NYS Standards Addressed: SS2.E1.C.03.02 Understand that people in the world communities exchange elements of their cultures SS2.E1.C.03.03 Know that people of similar and different cultural groups often live together in world communities SS2.E1.C.03.04 Distinguish social, political, economic, and cultural similarities and differences of world communities SS2.E1.C.03.05 Communicate the accomplishments, contributions, values, beliefs, and traditions of various world cultures and civilizations SS3.E.1C.03.01 Use maps and globes to locate world communities. SS5.E.3A.03.01 Know that people in world communities celebrate various holidays and festivals Objectives: Students will be able to list one similarities and one difference between the way they celebrate the New Year and the way someone with Chinese ancestors may celebrate their New Year. Students will be able to create a decoration that would be used in the traditional Chinese New Year celebration.
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