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Unformatted text preview: Name___________ Here's something to chew on.....a simulation of the digestive system! Materials: banana, 1 graham cracker, 1 small Dixie cup of water, plastic Ziploc bag (1 qt.) scissors, pantyhose stocking, paper towels or newspaper, cup lined with some sponge Procedure: (1) Begin by breaking up the graham cracker in the bag. What part of the digestive system do you think this action may simulate? ____________________ (2) Place banana in the bag and the cup of water. What substance do you think the water might simulate in the digestive system? __________________________ (3) Seal the bag with not much air inside. If the bag was sealed with air inside it would simulate gas! Smash up the food and water with your hands. In what organ might this type of churning take place? __________________________ (4) After about 5 minutes of churning cut a hole in the corner of your Ziploc bag so food can run into the stocking. Squeeze the food from the bag into the stocking over a newspaper. Squeeze the food through the stocking. Notice how water comes out of the stocking as it is squeezed through, this represents how nutrients leave the food and enter the body. What organ does this take place in? _____________________________ (5) Squeeze the food from the stocking into the cup lined with sponge. This cup is the large intestine. What is the function of the large intestine? ____________________________ (6) Poke a hole in the cup and push the food through in order to represent the excess waste leaving the body. ...
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