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Biology 102 Paper Guidelines Assignment You are to write a three-page paper, single spaced (equivalent to six page double spaced) on any topic you desire that is related to some aspect of biology. Before writing the paper, you should submit your topic to me for approval. The topic submission should be in the form of a question that you will answer in the paper. Objectives I have three objectives in given this assignment. The first objective is to allow you an opportunity to explore in greater depth a question in biology of direct interest to you. The second objective is to help you understand better how to gather information on a topic from various sources, including the NOVA library system. The final objective is to improve your organizational and writing skills. Process I would suggest the following process for developing and writing this paper. First, chose a topic of interest to you and one that can be covered in some detail within the paper’s page limit. Second, conduct internet and library research on your topic developing a collection of several articles directly related to answering the question posed by your topic. Third, by brainstorming, develop a list all the topics and information you want to present in your paper and then divide the information under certain subtopics that can be developed into paragraphs. This should result in a paper outline. Once you have an outline, you are ready to write a rough draft of your paper. Set the rough draft aside for several days and then return to it and edit it for grammar, spelling, content, and length. Use the edited rough draft to create your final paper. Format The paper should be within a half page of three pages in length. It should be single-spaced and be in 12 font-size. You are free to use any font type you want as long as it is easily readable. Locating References You need at least four separate references for your paper. References fall into different categories: articles in peer-reviewed journals, articles in popular journals, gray literature, and books. You will find the most accurate, current, and technical scientific information in peer-reviewed journals , such as the Journal of Ecology , Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health Diabetic Medicine, American Journal of Botany,   Science , etc . Your paper should have at least one reference from a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. For such journals, the author or authors submitted their paper to the journal to be published. The journal then sends the paper out to other scientists familiar with the technical material in the paper (peers) for review. Only if the other scientists say the research is well done will the journal accept the paper, which is why such journals are called “peer-reviewed.” A peer-reviewed article will tell you how the study it reports was collected, how the data were analyzed, and presents the conclusions from the research. The paper also has a references cited section that will allow you to identify other papers on the same topic to look at. Each
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year millions of scientific papers are published in peer-reviewed journals. The best way to access papers in peer-reviewed journals is to go to the NOVA library
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Bio Paper Guideline - Biology 102 Paper Guidelines...

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