Half Life - Nick Mooney Indira Silwal 03/12/08 Half-Life...

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Nick Mooney Indira Silwal 03/12/08 Half-Life And Activation Energy Introduction The purpose of this lab is for the students to find the half-life and the activation energy of the reaction between peroxydisulfate and iodine. Procedure The majority of the procedure for this experiment involved calculations made with the data from the previous lab. Once again for the majority of this lab the procedure was followed very closely. Upon mixing the two reacting solutions however, the procedure did not explain how to collect data for the reaction. The reaction was carried out at three different temperatures and the time between color changes was recorded as in the previous lab. Using this data, the calculations for the half-life and activation energy were made. Data and Results Half-Life Calculations: Initial Concentration Peroxydisulfate: Reaction 1: .048M Reaction 2: .095M Reaction 3: .048M Reaction #1 Week 1 Trial Initial temp: 21 .021M S 2 O 8 / 1204.2secs = k[.048M] K = 3.63E-4 T½= .693/k T½= 1909.1 seconds Week 2 Trial #1 Initial temp: 39.4 .021M S 2 O 8 / 795secs = k[.048M] k= 5.5E-4 s-1 T½= 1260 seconds
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Trial #2 Initial temp: 67.4 .021M S 2 O 8 / 160secs = k[.048M] k= .0027 s-1 T½=256.7secs Trial #3 Initial temp: 46.4 .021M S 2 O 8 / 425secs = k[.048] k= .001 s-1
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Half Life - Nick Mooney Indira Silwal 03/12/08 Half-Life...

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