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Smith 1 Philip Smith CLT 3378-12 Branscome 15 April 2008 “Creation Stories” Creation stories are very popular in ancient civilizations and religions, all being alike with the end of the stories finishing with God’s or the gods’ creation of man. In these creation myths, the order in which things are created is significant. All creation myths have differences from one another, but their order of which things were created explains the same sentiments. The first thing created shows the significance of that element or idea to society at the time the story is told. It can be determined what was important to each civilization during the time their religions were being formed. Three creation stories from different cultures are the Creation story in Genesis , Ovid’s Creation myth, and the Babylonian creation myth known as the Enuma Elish. These stories help explain a religion and a society and they do a lot more than just give an explanation of human existence, something not many people today fully understand. “In the beginning” is how the Old Testament begins its explanation of the creation of earth and man. The Priestly writer of Genesis intends to enlighten the reader on how the world came into existence. The writer explains that everything was completed in six days, each day God bringing in a new creation. The first thing created is light, showing its importance to society, and the last thing created is humans, showing that God took His time to build humans in His image. Light, being the first thing created after God conquers the deep darkness, shows its
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Creation Stories - Smith 1 Philip Smith CLT 3378-12...

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