Seminar Paper #1

Seminar Paper #1 - season Also when we entered the...

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Lauren Margerum Service Learning 105 Seminar Paper #1 Sept. 7, 2006 I feel that this paper has really put into perspective the importance of participating in some type of service. After reading this paper, I realized how the person who participated in these trips was, to my amazement, right about the feeling of helping others who have less than you. When I helped to build the concession stand in my hometown, I was upset that I had to do it, but in the end, it was all worth it. I learned that like this story, both the community and myself benefited from this small project. It helped kids in our community to be able to afford the cost of playing baseball or softball in the community leagues. At the end of the year, the profits from the concession stand also helped to buy the kids trophies and other things for their accomplishments for that
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Unformatted text preview: season. Also, when we entered the service-learning classroom, I thought that doing the thirty hours of service was pointless, especially as a class. I honestly can’t be upset with the narrator of this story either, because I know that I would have probably reacted in the same manner as the narrator of this story. I would have been selfish and wanted to go home and just sleep the whole time, or just actually take a break from all the work I do for once. Now that I got my service site set up, I am kind of excited to start working for the Greene County Probation Office, and hopefully I can make a good impact on some juveniles who need my help. All in all, I think that the story the narrator told, taught its readers a good lesson; Take the time to help others out, because in the end, it could help you....
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Seminar Paper #1 - season Also when we entered the...

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