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GEOGRAPHY 24-26 - -west greater wealth more space more...

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Video 24 Cityscapes, Suburban Sprawl North America Canada and US states Wealthy Urbanized and mobile ization Boston, Masschetts close to Washington D.C. - relative location - -central business district (CBD) - Empowerment Zone - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) DOugley square- bus station place Empowerment zone- a special area of the worst property CHigco, Illnoiss Must keep up with active farming Automobiles, communication networks, urban sprawls - suburban sprawl - edge cities - farmland loss 10,000 years soil took to be made Downtown to the center of Chiago, the tallest building in NA, the Sears tower rises over downtown chicago. 1992 moved out the downtown Edge cities- schaumbur, des plaines, Addison, oak brook Video 25 Ethnic Fragmentation in Canada EnglaAmerica Montral and Vancouver, non English socities -Asian immigration, cultural conflicts, global connections/local voices Vancouver - east non English
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Unformatted text preview: -west greater wealth, more space, more trees 2bd largest country 85% live within sumin miles of the US Montreal, quebec- an island of french-immigration-language preservation/cultural identity-Nationalism/ Quebec Sovereignty Demographics Low birth rate in Quebec Want immigrant but threaten French cultural Montreal- largest English Split in English and French Quebec government turns to federal government Video 26 Oregon-center pivot agriculture-hydroelectricity-formal regions A fight for water Umatilla Basic between Washington and Oregon Columbia river, low elevation 50 million dollars to get a plant to a pool near irrigation districts Seattle, Portland Pacific Coast Cascade Mountains Western mountains Mid western US Japanese auto makers-mass production vs. Lean Production-Relative location and site selection-Diffusion...
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GEOGRAPHY 24-26 - -west greater wealth more space more...

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