Geography 17-18

Geography 17-18 - 17-Sacred Space, Secular States...

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Unformatted text preview: 17-Sacred Space, Secular States Jersusalem - historical geography of Israel and Palestine - Sacred space of Jerusalem - Arabs 2/3 of population 1948 - Tele Avi - 1961, arabs beat threaten armies - 6 day war 1967 - Changed capital to jersualem in 1950 - After 1967 war, jewish appeared in east jersalem - 1973 another fight, PLO - 1993 plan, gambled - In 2000 clintion helped Turkey - did not allow us access to go to Iraq - torn on many issues - European vs Asian - Secular vs Islamist - Democratic vs Authoritarian - Urban vs rural - Half of Europeans and Asians - 10 million people - Istanbul- rich and poor - Ankara- new capital - Economic modernization - Effort lead to massive migration - 1950's stuff was abandoned Video 18- Oil and Water Presence and absence of water - environmental influence on patterns of human settlement - human modification of the environment - the move from subsistence to commercial agriculture - urban sprawl and the loss of farmland Egypt- gift of the Nile Giant lake Victoria The Nile - go through an arid landscape - nurrest a ribbon of green - 400,000 miles, a luss and fertile delta 68 million country The nile valley- dense- 95% live by nile The nile feeds Egypt Left silk to grow crops on Great climate Cairo 1965 5.5 million 200 sq km Cairo 1998 10 million 200 sq km 1959- Egypt and Sudan, split the Nile Nile Basin Initative( Egypt, Burundi, entrea,thipia,Kenya,Rwanda,suda,Tanzania.uganda, democratic, Republic of Congo) Population- hugs the Nile river Oil Oman- peninsula tip Saudi Arabia Oman seeks other ways to survive then oil - economic diversification - expatriate guest workers and the policy of omanization - expanded role of women Arabian Peninsula Oman 1960's commercial quantities of oil found Oman- Islam- different from other Persian gulf countries Fishing industry Muska-new oppurtunies to find extended markets Built 5 and 4 star hotels 5 or 6% gdp Economic diversivacation- (goal to having a good future) ...
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Geography 17-18 - 17-Sacred Space, Secular States...

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