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1. Who was known as the “father of Yiddish theater”? Avrohom Goldfaden 2. What are the characteristics of a folk song? Folk songs are characterized by their direct association with the activities of daily life, be they work, play, ceremony or entertainment. 3. What would make a folksong “Jewish”? a. If it is sung in Hebrew, Yiddish b. Remnants of Jewish liturgical themes (rhythms, scales, motifs) c. Use in any particular Jewish function 4. What is the etymological derivation of the word “klezmer”? The word is derived from the Hebrew expression "keley zemer," meaning "musical instruments." Hence, a klezmer was an instrumentalist. 5. What is a Badkhn ? The wedding singer (who was also a bit of a jester) was called a "badkhn." 6. What is a Diwan ? A Diwan is a collection of devotional poetry intended to be sung, which covers religious and secular subjects and is performed on festive occasions such as during the traditional 7 days of wedding celebrations.
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