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quiz 6 study guide - Who composed "Schir Zion"?...

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Who composed “ Schir Zion”? Solomon Sulzer Who was the famous chief cantor of Paris in the 19 th century? Samuel Naumbourg Who was the first choirmaster in the history of the European synagogue (who was not primarily a hazzan)? Where did he work? Louis Lewandwoski Meyerbeer, Offenbach and Halévy were all composers of what type of music? In what city? In what century? Synagogue music in Paris in the 19 th century Why did the Jewish Reformation begin and succeed most strongly in Germany? Germany was home to the reforms of Luther and the new enlightenment philosophy. Thus, inspired by this new way of thinking, Jews to began their own reformation. Who initiated the first Jewish Reform services in Germany? In what year? The banker, Israel Jacobson in the year 1810 Describe the music that would be heard in an early German Reform temple. Music of the early German Reform temple was adapted from the music of the Christian church at the time. In Jacobson's service there was no hazzan, there was no
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quiz 6 study guide - Who composed "Schir Zion"?...

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