The Psychology of Art Pt2

The Psychology of Art Pt2 - The Psychology of Art: Past,...

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Unformatted text preview: The Psychology of Art: Past, Present, Future THE "INSIDE" EVENT Another unfavorable trend was the growing insistence in American psychology on exact, behavioristic, quantitative methods. Some kinds of human behavior toward art can be easily observed from the outside. Some can be experimentally produced, controlled, and measured in a laboratory. Other kinds can not. Some of the most important processes of art and aesthetic experience are subjective; they occur inside an individual and cannot be directly observed by anyone else. Their nature must be inferred from external evidence which is often misleading. These processes include the creative imagination and much of the aesthetic response to artwhat happens within us when we listen to music, read poems, or look at pictures. An especially large and vital part of experience related to the arts is inaccessible to outside observation. A large part of human thought and experience in every realm, toward every kind of object, is likewise subjective and...
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