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11-27-07 - responsible for finding new customers o New...

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Chapter 20 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion The nature of personal selling Personal Selling-personal paid communication that attempts to inform customers and persuade them to purchase products Objectives o Identify prospects-find businesses o Satisfy customer needs o Provide a service to the customer Seven step Personal Selling Process 1) Prospecting 2) Pre-approach-(planning) 3) Approach-how we make the first business contact a. Referral Approach-using someone else’s name to get your foot in the door b. Cold Canvass Approach-(cold calling)-not knowing who you go to talk to c. Repeat Contact Approach-use social contacts to establish or turn into business contacts(join groups: country clubs, chamber of commerce, gyms, church) 4) Make the presentation-grab attention, keep the attention. 5) Overcoming Objections- 6) Closing the Sale 7) Follow-up Types of Sales People Order Getters-(outside sales people) o Current customer order-getter(account representatives, already have customer list not
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Unformatted text preview: responsible for finding new customers) o New Business Order-getter-finds new customers • Order Takers-(inside sales people) • Support Personnel o Trade Personnel-assistant sales people o Technical personal-educate and train customers on how to use the product/service(former outside sales people) Sales Promotion-An activity or material that acts as a direct incentive to increase sales immediately -Consumer Sales Promotion-Sales to consumers-Trade Sales Promotion-increase sales to B2B sales Consumer Sales Promotion Methods • Coupons • Demonstrations • Frequent-user Incentives • Point-of-Purchase Displays-candy, battaries etc at the checkout isle • Free Samples • Rebates-• Premiums-an unrealated product free or at a reduced rate after purchase of an initial product...
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