9-18-07 - options,(Ex: Price, Conveinence, experience,...

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Chapter 9 Consumer Buying Behavior Consumer Problem Solving Processes -Routinized Response Behavior-consumers using this are putting forth very little effort, likely purchasing products that they purchase frequently,(ex: milk, toilet paper) -limited problem solving-requires some consumer thought, limited amount of time thinking about this purchase, -Extended problem solving- cost alot, consumers spend a significant amount of time on purchase, products that are purchased rarely(ex: House, car) Consumer Buying Decision Process Problem Recognition- when a consumer recognizes a differences between an actual state and a desired state Information Search-where you search for information, conduct and internal search(try to rely on your past experiences to solve your problem), External(asking other people, internet, calling in phonebook) =Evoked Set- A group of alternatives that can be used to solve your problem Evaluation of Alternatives-Evaluative Criteria-the characteristics you will use to evaluate your
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Unformatted text preview: options,(Ex: Price, Conveinence, experience, availablility, location, reputation) Purchase-Post Purchase evalutation--Cognitive Dissonance-post purchase Doubt(Did I make the right decision) Possible influences on consumer buying decisions Situational Influences-Physical Surroundings-Lighting, Smell, Cleanliness, Color, Location, Temperature, Sound-Social Surroundings-Mannerisms of employees, who your with, customers in the store,-Time Perspective-how quickly you need the product-Task Definition-who will be impacted by your purchase-Antecedent States-mood Phsychological Influence-Perception-Motives-Learning-Attitudes-Personality and self-Concept-Lifestyle Patronage motives-the motives that influence where we shop on a consistant basis Social Influcences Roles-our expceted behaviors and purchases as consumers Family-Reference Groups and Opinion Leaders-Social Classes-Culture and Subcultures Role Inconsistancy-...
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9-18-07 - options,(Ex: Price, Conveinence, experience,...

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