10-2-07 - expectations Customer Evaluation of Service...

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Chapter 14 Services Service-an intangible product involving a deed performance or effort that cannot be physically possessed. Nearly ¾ of all nonfarm jobs are service based. -increase of women in the work force -increase emphasis in physical fitness The six differences between goods and services -intangibility -Inseparability of production and consumption -Perishability, services cannot be stored for future use b/c services are time dependent -Heterogeneity, variations in quality -Client-based relationships -Customer Contact Categories of Services 1) Type of Market-Consumer vs. Business 2) Degree of Labor-Intensiveness- People-based vs. Equipment-based 3) Degree of Customer Contact-High contact vs. low contact 4) Skill of the service provider- Professional vs. Nonprofessional Service quality-the customer’s perception of how well a service meets or exceeds their
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Unformatted text preview: expectations Customer Evaluation of Service quality A. Search qualities-tangible attributes that can be evaluated before a product is purchased. B. Experience qualities-attributes that can only be evaluated during or after the product is purchased. C. Credence Qualities-attributes that cannot be evaluated even after the product has been purchased. Nonprofit Marketing-marketing activities usually conducted by service organizations to achieve some goal other than profit market share or return on investment. Why is Nonprofit marketing different?-beneficiary-how they are evaluated,-more controversial Non profit marketing-target markets-client public-the direct consumers of non profit market-general publics-the indirect consumers of nonprofit marketing activities...
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10-2-07 - expectations Customer Evaluation of Service...

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