11-1-07 - them at a deep discount-Category killers i...

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Chapter 17 The Nature of Retailing - Retailing – all transactions in which the buyer intends to consumer the product - Retailer – an organization the purchases products for the purpose of reselling them to the consumer Major types of Retail Stores A. General Merchandise Retailers – offer a variety of product lines stocked in considerable depth Types Examples - Department Stores -JC Penney, Sears, Macys i. Offer full service ii. Prices are mid to high iii. Located in malls - Discount Stores -Target, K-mart, Kohls i. Self service ii. Low prices iii. Offer limited or no grocery products - Supermarkets -Kroger o Full line grocery items o Some non food items - Superstores - Walmart, Meyers o Discount store + supermarket - Warehouse Clubs - Sams o Membership required o Buy in bulk o Has mostly all named brand items B. Specialty Retailers – carry a narrow product mix with deep product lines - Traditional specialty retailers i. Very small stores - Off price retailers – purchase overrun returns and off season productions and sell
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Unformatted text preview: them at a deep discount-Category killers i. Limited product lines ii. Attempt to be low price providers iii. Have tremendous product availability iv. Very big stores v. Had very negative impact on department stores Non store retailing-selling goods and services outside the confines of a retail facility 1. Direct selling – face to face sales presentations that occur at consumers home or consumers place of business a. Party plan 2. Direct Marketing – the use of the telephone or non personal media a. Catalog Marketing b. Direct response marketing- commercials or advertisements that try to get you to purchase immediately c. Telemarketing d. Television home shopping – programs or networks dedicated to product marketing (QVC) e. Online Retailing 3. Automatic Vending Francising An arrangement whereby a supplier (Franciser) grants a dealer (Franchisee) the right to sell products in exchange for some consideration...
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11-1-07 - them at a deep discount-Category killers i...

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