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Shawn Logue Prof Anthony April 25, 2007 America Black and White I was watching television one day and I realized that on most fast food commercials they had hip hop or rap music playing in the background. I thought to myself, why would they play rap and hip hop music, then it came to me. Fast food restaurants are targeting African Americans through race association such as music made by African Americans and having other African Americans in the commercials, such as basketball legend, Michael Jordan.
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Unformatted text preview: Hypothesis: Fast food companies purposely target groups of African Americans by using certain things associated with black culture. Because of this these companies purposely put their businesses in primarily African American neighborhoods. Conclusion: Through research from online sources as well as other sources such as Blum I have come to the conclusion that my hypothesis is correct. The link between African American culture and fast food restaurant commercials and location are connected....
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