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Sociology... xtra paper

Sociology... xtra paper - several cliques some popular some...

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Shawn Logue October 17, 2007 Soc 100 Prof Auster Through out this reading I have came to numerous conclusions, one being that, I have come to understand that for the majority of the things being explained by Ferguson and her interviewes I can not entirely concur with. In this reading I read a lot of words such as clique leaders, followers, wannabes, second-tier, recruitment, and list goes on, it seems as though instead of comparing groups of friends in high school instead it seems that these kids are being compared to people being recruited by some professional sport or an interview for a future job. As far as I understand it, yes, people have there cliques, people who hang out a lot, people who tend to identify to others as connected in some way. But the difference with my experience comes into play when Ferguson goes on to talk about people being recruited or rejected or sucking up. In my high school there were
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Unformatted text preview: several cliques, some popular some not, but for the majority, all cliques got along, most even hung out on a daily basis, if it came time to a weekend and there was a party everyone there people would know and talk to with out there being any awkwordness. Nobody in my school tried to disown a person who you were friends with, we certainly didn’t try and drag someone into our clique, and we especially did not suck up to one another, in fact I think me and my feinds spent more time arguing about pointless things, I don’t remember the last time a person would try and suck up to another person. But through this reading and understanding of Ferguson’s interviews I can see how outside of my school this is very possible and a huge part of peoples social life, trying to live up to another group and their required values, trying to change ones self to impress another....
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