Relious stud... midterm paper

Relious stud... midterm paper - Shawn Logue Prof John...

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Shawn Logue Prof John Lardas Modern Religious Studies 203 Oct 9, 2007 Christopher Columbus, a navigational genius as well as a courageous Italian driven by his curiosity and dreams. The reason why Columbus found the New World, as they called it in the past, is because of his drive, his dreams of “religious piety, dreams of wealth, the desire for glory, scientific curiosity, and an extraordinary egotism” (Gunn, 25). Columbus wanted nothing more then to satisfy his desires of curiosity, wealth, and glory. He pressed on until he felt satisfied that his needs were fulfilled and there was nothing else to discover. We see through his letter to, Lord Raphael Sanchez, Treasurer of Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Queen of Spain, the reasons that fulfill the question of why Columbus is driven to do what he has done, his mythic dimensions. Columbus writes to the King and Queen telling them how he thinks he should find great cities. Columbus kept looking for these great cities, he looked only because of himself, he wanted to fulfill his curiosity, he would have peoples blood on his conscience because they had died for only one reason, they were to do only one thing, to fulfill Columbus and his curiosity. Curiosity is like a cancer it never goes away, if it does only for a short time, it will return. Columbus’s curiosity does not seem to fade, once he has word of great cities he goes forth and looks. Finally he has reached his great city, there he finds so
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Relious stud... midterm paper - Shawn Logue Prof John...

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