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Music... Agbekor and Kpegisu dances

Music... Agbekor and Kpegisu dances - Shawn Logue Prof...

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Shawn Logue Prof Easley Music 102 Sept 26, 2007 Agbekor v. Kpegisu Through the video on, Kpegisu, and the reading on the Agbekor dance one can readily conclude that the differences between the two out weigh the similarities. We can see differences even at the start of the dance. In the Kpegisu dance we see the elders leading the tribe so what looked to be like some sort of circle shaped dance area surrounded by benches. The Agbekor were slightly different in this sense. We see this when Titon tell us, “The performance area was arranged like a rectangle within a circle.” Through these minor differences we can see that both of these dances already are not completely alike. The Kpehisu is a war dance played by the Ewe people for two hours, 3pm until 5pm. The dance is located in a circle surrounded by benches. On these benches there are people playing drums, bells and people sitting. When the people enter the circle it seemed as though all the kids went to the outside when the adults when into the circle where some sat and others danced. The dominant role in playing instruments is taken over by the men.
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