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American landscpae... personal landscape - Shawn Logue Prof...

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Shawn Logue Prof Schuyler American Landscape Feb 8, 2008 A Much Earned Relationship The concept that is now accepted among people today is that landscapes can reflect human activity as well as history. Landscapes show people much more then what ones first glimpse may capture. For some, landscapes have a symbolic meaning and in some cases, a personal meaning that tells a story of ones own background. Over the years as human activity has altered the same thing happens to landscapes. Landscapes evolve over time encompassing several geographical layers that, for many, explains the past. Landscapes can be viewed for many as a form of cultural heritage, understood through texts and paintings. One such place that can be understood through my eyes is my backyard. I, for one have many good memories, which includes my backyard. I have a connection with my landscape that forms a part of my identity, this landscape, to me, is more then just physical space, rather it is apart of me in a sense. It holds meaning in my life, I look at my backyard as my sense of place, a place in which I can go and all worries of both the present and future disappear. This landscape derived through my long history and time spent their as both, a child and a teenager. It holds a kind of divinity and is a sacred place to me in which I could only go to this one place and truly feel at home. For some having a back yard was just another place to have a
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catch with their parents but for me it was much different. My parents both worked long hours which meant I couldn’t have memories like other kids had so I decided to create my own, something I could not only remember but also cherish for years to come. Looking into my back yard there is vast openness with trees, grass, and a little
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American landscpae... personal landscape - Shawn Logue Prof...

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