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Name ______________________ Flowers for Algernon – Progress Report 12 (Pg. 77-80) SHORT STORY – May 23rdto May 25th (pg. 77)– What changes are we seeing in Algernon? What effect is this having on Charlie?Algernon has become unusually disturbed, vicious, is less cooperative, and won’t run the mazes anymore. Charlie has realized since he has also taken the operation this might happen to him. SHORT STORY – May 29thand May 31st (pg. 78)– What seems to be driving Charlie to complete his work? What do you think thecalculus of intelligencemeans? What evidence is there that Charlie will regress the same way Algernon has?He is being driven by something inside him that won’t let him stop. The calculus of intelligence acknowledges the human memory as the central component of human intelligence. Charlie and Algernon took the same experiment. SHORT STORY – June 4th(pg. 79)– Charlie delivers his report on the Algernon-Gordon effect, but we only read the letter and not the full report. What do you expect the report to say, based on the letter?I expect the report will that after dozens of repetition of the results, all who have taken the operation will go through the regression.
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SHORT STORY – June 5th(pg. 79)– What symptoms is Algernon showing? What symptoms is Charlie displaying? What might this tell us about where Charlie is going?Algernon has impaired motor activity, impaired coordination, and is showing signs of amnesia. Charlie has been showing emotional instability and forgetfulness SHORT STORY – June 10th(pg. 80)– What major event takes place on this date. What effect does it have on Charlie? What are two reasons he might be affected this way? Compare this with the version from the novel on pg. 184 (September 17th).The major event that happens is that Algernon dies. Charlie has become very sad from the news of Algernon’s death and cries. He has started to regress to and he buried Algernon. SHORT STORY – June 15thand June 19th(pg. 80)– What are two things that happen in these progress reports that reveal Charlie is truly regressing? What is the dramatic irony involving the incident with the policeman?Charlie is forgetting how to read and he is forgetting where is house is. The irony in the story is that in the beginning of the story a police officer had to take Charlie home and another is taking him home again. SHORT STORY – June 21st(pg. 80)– What emotion or emotions is Charlie feeling? What words and/or phrases in this report might help you understand the meaning of “senility”?The emotions Charlie is feeling are anger and sadness. Words that help someone understand senility are forgetfulness, amnesia, and absent minded.
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