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Learning Objectives and Review Sheet for Unit One: An Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Thinking After completing this unit students should be able to: A Case for Evolutionary Thinking: Understanding HIV 1. Describe the importance of critical thinking. 2. Describe the characteristics of critical thinking. 3. Define epistemology and describe its importance in science. 4. Describe methodical and explanatory naturalism and explain why they are necessary in science. 5. Define the terms fact, theory, falsification, and proof and relate them to the modern practice of science. 6. Describe Ockham's (Occam's) razor, the principle of parsimony. 7. List some reasons why supernatural explanations are not acceptable in science. 8. Describe the limits of science. 9. Utilize the scientific method. 10. Compose null and alternative hypotheses for studies in biology. 11. Identify the importance of statistical tests and statistical significance in biology. 12. Design and apply appropriate scientific controls to studies. 13. Define evolution in the sense that it is used in modern biology. 14. Apply Darwin's four postulates to examples of evolution. 15. Describe the relationship between HIV and AIDS. 16. Describe function of the enzyme reverse transcriptase and describe why it contributes to the rapid evolution of HIV. 17. Apply the idea of natural selection to examples such as how natural selection leads to AZT resistant strains of HIV within an infected individual. 18. Describe the advantages and limitations of the current multi-drug therapies.
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UnitOne - Learning Objectives and Review Sheet for Unit...

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