420EC - STAT 420 Extra Credit ( due Monday, April 21, by...

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STAT 420 Spring 2008 Extra Credit ( 5 points ) ( due Monday, April 21, by 3:00 p.m. ) A company wishes to study the effects of three different types of promotion on sales of its cookies. The three promotions were: Treatment 1 – Sampling of product by customers in store and regular shelf space Treatment 2 – Special display shelves at ends of aisle in addition to regular shelf space Treatment 3 – Additional shelf space in regular location Fifteen stores were selected as the experimental units. Each store was randomly assigned one of the promotion types, with five stores assigned to each type of promotion. Other relevant conditions under the control of the company, such as price and advertising, were kept the same for all stores in the experiment. Data on the number of cases of the product sold during the promotional period, denoted by Y, are presented in the table below, as are also data on the sales of the product in the preceding period, denoted by X. Sales of the preceding period are to be used as the covariate variable. Treatment 1
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420EC - STAT 420 Extra Credit ( due Monday, April 21, by...

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