ILROB 2 - The Sociological Imagination -While psychology...

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The Sociological Imagination -While psychology focuses on how the hard-wired traits of individuals drive behavior, sociology focuses on how broader beliefs and structures shape behavior. -Sociology is a way of seeing and making sense of the world. -Sociologists approach the study of organizations in two basic ways: -from a macro societal perspective -Organizations are a key expression of the development of western capitalism (serve societal needs). -from an organizational level perspective -Organizations are adaptive systems that often aim to be efficient yet may be fraught with conflict. -Sociology involves critical thinking and a vigilant skepticism of commonsense explanations about the world. -Sociology involves attention to history and constant questioning about the origins of social patterns and problems. -We are all bound up in broader historical processes that shape how we think and act. -The sociological imagination enables us to be reflective about who we are and how about how society works. -The sociological imagination not only helps you to understand the world better, but also provides insight that can be helpful in understanding how the future may unfold. -A key notion in sociology, and emphasized by C. Wright Mills, is “social structure.” -Social structure has to do with power, social interaction, and collective beliefs. -Elements of Social Structure: -Powerful people (e.g. CEO’s, politicians) and organizations (e.g. conglomerates, political parties, unions, etc.) that define and shape social life -Norms, values, and cultural beliefs -Western explorer who is told halfway through dinner that he is eating the nice old lady he had been chatting with the previous day (Berger) -Spit or Saliva? -Studying Society -Sociological Questions: How did things get the way they are? -Why do women make less than men? -Why is there growing income inequality in the U.S.?
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-To develop answers to such questions, sociologists tend to focus on broader historical processes. -e.g. “McDonaldization” -The search for maximum efficiency in increasingly numerous and diverse social settings (where efficiency has to do with identifying the optimum means to a given end) -While McDonalds may be efficient, we may want to be concerned about some of the negative consequences of McDonaldization (dehumanization). -Why Important?
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ILROB 2 - The Sociological Imagination -While psychology...

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