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Cultural localization is the method where software written in one culture is modified to the desires and views of another culture. Localization in the PRC is important to try to understand the assumptions built into the software that is a very valuable asset to their everyday lifestyle. Microsoft is the leader in software production and exports, their programming languages and operating systems are almost universally used across the world. Microsoft needs to work out a structure so that they can take into account the changes required to represent the more complicated Chinese character sets while maintaining attention to detail in the presentation of information. They needs to have a balance of American engineers to get the American quality out of a program while negotiating with bilingual Chinese engineers to create a program that is universal and compatible with the necessities of the Chinese culture. Localized software is interchangeable from software written by a partner of that culture. For software
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Unformatted text preview: developed in one culture can carry embedded cultural assumptions that may appear as unknown or even unfavorable to users in other cultures Microsoft engineers need to develop a system to create a user friendly way of entering data. They need to establish a comprehensible way for the Chinese to use the American program and way of doing things to incorporate a universal program, which works for the PRC. Chinese engineers have the understanding of the culture of the china and the complicated character sets, while Microsoft engineers have the knowledge and evolution of the advanced program combining those two characters with the right mixture could potentially resolve this problem. With Microsoft and the PRC working together it is possible to create such a program however it may some time before a well established, smoothly ran program is developed....
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