Cultural localization microsoft

Cultural localization microsoft - "Cultural localization is...

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"Cultural localization" is the process whereby software written in one culture is adapted to the needs and outlooks of another. "Culturally localized software is indistinguishable from software written by a member of that culture." Cultural localization presupposes linguistic localization, a topic well studied, but may go far beyond it. For software developed in one culture can carry embedded cultural assumptions that may seem alien or even inimical to users in other cultures. At present, cultural localization almost always entails the localization of packaged software originally written in English by American programmers, since U.S. software dominates the world market. But there is no logical reason why this should be so; the problems of localization from, say, Hindi to French, or German to Xhosha, are not inherently different from those of localization from English to Chinese. it is important to try to understand the assumptions built into the software that is assuming increasing importance in our lives. Just as we seek to understand how television affects how we perceive, think, and behave, so it is important to study how the software with which more and more people in the world work for more and more time each day influences choices they make, assumptions they take for granted, and choices they do not or cannot make. What values, if any, does software carry apart from the ability to solve problems? How does it affect the way we think, work, and live? Is it true, as social scientists argue, that software, like
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Cultural localization microsoft - "Cultural localization is...

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