MGMT 370 Notes 11-10-08 USE FOR SECOND TEST

MGMT 370 Notes 11-10-08 USE FOR SECOND TEST - Microsoft...

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MGMT 370 Notes 11-10-08 On Board 3 changes to financial environment 1) more country specific regulations. 2) Balance between government and markets. 3) Less us economic and intellectual clout. Ridiculous Citrus wholesale case Jareks 1. Strengths 2. Leadership skills 3. Self motivated 4. Willing to try new things 5. Connections 6. Did his research (likes to learn) 7. Likes to market (communication skills) Austrian connection 1. Financing 2. peputation 3. supply chain. Didn’t q now new Poland What future values. What Skills Learned 1. Get people to work together 2. store + ship products 3. careful to deal with partners. 4. motivate employees (high pay) 5. too optimistic 6. laroful? About credit 7. too optimistic that government would support.
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Unformatted text preview: Microsoft Case Study 1) Attractiveness of chineese markets --> does not equal big population 2) Establish our software as standard. 3) Other good products/uses 4) Growing economy 5) Develop without Microsoft 6) Less efficient alternatives 7) Lotus position strengthens 8) State on enterprises SOE will make commitments. 9) Transition to modern technology is harder. Why a partner? 1) access to markets 2) knows how to operate 3) know consumer wants 4) buy into a network 5)-business 6)-Government which partner 1) SOE = legend 2) Well rounded 3) Knew end users 4) Microsoft cross functional teams with partner Entrepreneurs Problems 1) Access to customers 2)...
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MGMT 370 Notes 11-10-08 USE FOR SECOND TEST - Microsoft...

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