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Europe: snakes and ladders The article focuses on upward economic mobility in Europe, Nordic countries, and the United States. Two new research papers confirm that, if one compares the incomes of children with those of their parents, or considers how long people in one income group stay there, Nordic countries emerge as far more mobile than America. In the Nordic countries, tax and welfare systems deliberately try to help the children of the poor to do better than their parents. Survey: From sea to shining sea: The article focuses on "American exceptionalism". America has a highly decentralised political system, with federal, state and local governments collecting own taxes, writing own laws,administering own affairs. Usa natural harbors on two oceans, access to richest fishing areas, and a huge range of farmed crops, Am. has one of the lowest tax rates among countries, the highest military spending, the term "exceptionalism" is more than description of how America differs from the rest of the world. It also encompasses the significance of those differences and the policies among them. Exceptionalism means that America is very different from other countries in values and institutions, and is therefore not necessarily a model. New Frontier Deep inside china: Ms.John Larsen says she won't touch Chongqing's signature cuisine: "huoguo," or hot pot,loaded with fiery chilies, strong aroma, along with diesel fumes.Food, bargain in Chongqing. Ms.L only $50 to $100 week groceries, compared $2-300 in MI. With help small network of expat wives,found 1store that has Oreo,Fruit Loops and can beans.children see it resembles food back home. she says don't give “sass” when tells them: "here's what you're eating."Foreigners are such a rarity in Chongqing that even she gawks at times: "There's a Westerner we don't know," she says, on one drive through town.25 of Ford's 2,500 employees in Chongqing are foreigners.Larsens say know literally every expat family living here. With the childrens poem at the end of the article it shows that even through a childs eyes america is the greatest country in the world. Britian and America: Anglo-Saxon The article discusses the historic commonality of transatlantic Anglo-Saxon values, and the extent to which the views of people in Great Britain and the U.S. have diverged. Public opinion research data are examined on British and American attitudes regarding religion, social values, and the role of government. Sick of scandal? Blame Football
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Mgmt 370 test review - Europe: snakes and laddersThe...

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