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Pracetice Exam Two - SecondExam,Winter2008...

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Second Exam, Winter 2008 MGMT 370, Professor Tom Roehl You have seventy minutes to do the exam. The exam is closed book, except that you can have one letter size sheet printed on both sides of notes. Please use a blue book. Part One: (Fifteen Points) True / False and Explain (fifteen points) Is each of the following statements true or false? In a few sentences, explain your answer. (Do 3 of the following 6 True False Questions. If you do all 6, I will grade the first 3) 1. When the U.S. economy slows, Engines of Growth predicts the dollar will rise. There is no alternative explanation that would suggest that the dollar might fall in this environment. 2. In the Microsoft case, we learned that the company’s experience with Chinese culture before entering the Chinese market was a big help to them in entering the China market. 3. When a group of countries develop a Free Trade Area, there will never be an increase in capital flows, since that only happens when there is an economic union. 4. According to Hill, a country that chooses ‘Pragmatic Nationalism’ as its policy to regulate foreign investment will never encourage foreign investment. 5. Morgan Stanley is forecasting further declines in US interest rates, while it expects the European Central Bank to hold rates steady in Europe. When this news is published, the dollar will always decline in value on that day. 6. In discussing the IMF, Hill presents a very positive assessment of the IMF effectiveness. Part Two:
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Pracetice Exam Two - SecondExam,Winter2008...

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