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TakingTests - Random Advice on Taking(Math Tests The...

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Random Advice on Taking (Math) Tests The process of taking a test is different from the process of doing homework. When taking an exam, you can’t look at your notes, you’re being asked questions from different sections, you’re under time pressure, and you can’t ask anyone for help. There are several tools you can use however to minimize these challenges. Below I’ve presented several ideas. I can’t claim that they’ve been scientifically tested. However, I can say that I’ve used all of them at one point or another in my academic/music career and all have helped me. In addition to the obvious (do your homework, come to lecture, ask questions) we have: Things some of you have probably thought about 1. Practice not getting immediate help on problems. I thoroughly encourage you guys to work on homework together, come to office hours, and go to the tutorial center. However, this has to be balanced with the fact that during an exam you won’t get any help. With this in mind, what I would do is try problems on your own in the earlier part of the day and not seek immediate help when stuck. Then, try the problems again later. You’d be surprised at how the mind continues to work even if you don’t consciously attack a problem. If at this point you’re still stuck, seek help!
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2. Make up a timed practice test for yourself.
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