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study guide - 1 Latin American Art a Form of ethnic...

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Unformatted text preview: . 1 Latin American Art . a Form of ethnic nationalism . b Stresses social content in the piece . c Form of mass communication . d Church art can help the illiterate through pictures . e , . - Diego Rivera etc wanted to reach the public and provide anti , - imperialist pro nationalist messages by reaching out to the middle class f. Provided the “ essence ” of what it is to be Latin America . 2 Mexican muralists . a : - , ( ) ( ) Rivera anti communism his wife Kahlo did portraits surrealism . b : [ , Orozco murals reconstruct how people view LA history , romanticized Mexican revolution more pessimistic than Rivera c. Siqueiros : , & , most pessimistic industry capitalism most concerned with workers . 3 Indigenismo a. , Indigenismo was a construction of the dominant culture particularly , that of elite urban intellectual mestizos which sought to improve . the lives of Indigenous peoples The people who adhered to this ( ) - ideology called indigenistas were usually non Indian outsiders who . had little experience with Indian communities The Peruvian Marxist Jos é Carlos Mari á tegui was one of the primary examples of this . trend . 4 Social realism . a , Art with subject or content culled from the contemporary scene , usually focusing on people or groups who are socially politically or economically disenfranchised . b Diego and Orozco . 5 Latin American rock . a , Shows a power struggle former impeorialism . b Originally embraced by the elite . c , First developed in 1950s as a hybrid of black and white artisit but becomes privileged to white performers . d , In the 1960s rock challenges capitalist hegemonic ideas ideals . e In the 1970s most rock and popular song speak out against the government and military regimes . f , In the 1980s there was development of national rock styles also a , democratic opening because of the end of the nationalist sot ( ) policies ISI and acceptance of neoliberal policies . i Rock becomes increasingly critical of the neoliberal opening . g In the 1990s globalization leads to a dynamic between local and , , global in rock there is a new attention to hybridity which opens up [ ] to Africans hyrid roots rediscovered . 6 Popular song movement . a . 7 Salsa . a Originated in Cuba . b Puerto Rican and Cubans brought it to NYC in the 70s . 8 Hip hop . a Cuba . b Genre applied to youth c. Foreign relations power US Power influence . d Context reflects concerns in Cuban society . e (- ) Mix of African heritage Afro cuban so there is an awakening of black consciousness . f Suppression of ethnic and racial diversity . g Government embraced as a way to communicate to youth so they sponsored many concerts and rap groups . h : , Parents still want salsa keeping the traditions tourists want salsa- not hip hop . 9- Hypo descent a. , Based on blood says we classify people according to who their , parents are and their heritage children acquire a “ less prestigious ” ranking of they are two racial categories . 10 Tipo...
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study guide - 1 Latin American Art a Form of ethnic...

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