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-1Ashley Harper 905152398 Chevron Brief Chevron U.S.A., Inc v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. (US Supreme Court 1984) Procedural Posture: Based on the history of the legislation the court agreed with the Court of Appeals that Congress did not have a specific intention on the applicability of the bubble concept and concluded the EPA's use of that concept is a reasonable policy choice for the agency to make. Facts: The Clean Air Act was amended in 1981 to address failing air quality standards established by the EPA. The amended Clean Air Act required non-conforming states to establish a new air quality program. Under the new permit program, states would be allowed to adopt a plantwide definition of "stationary source". Under the new program, a plant that emits several pollutants may install or modify one piece of equipment without meeting the permit requirements if the alteration would not increase the total emissions. This would allow plants to categorize all pollutants under one grouping or within a
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chevron brief - -1Ashley Harper 905152398 Chevron Brief...

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