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Quiz 2 - soln 1 - 1 b Diffusion(23 points The likely...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.) b.) Diffusion (23 points) The likely diffusion mechanism of C in a BCC Fe crystal is: (tick one) Z substitutional diffusion surface diffusion grain boundary diffusion interstitial diffusion The surface of steel is sometimes carburized to: (tick one) __ improve the surface appearance __ toughen the material __._/_ improve the fatigue lifetime __~ enhance the corrosion resistance Determine the flow rate (in cm3/s) of C02 permeating through the walls of a 2- liter PET soda bottle. The surface area for diffusion is 880 cm2 and the wall thickness is 0.026 cm. Note that the C02 pressure in the bottle is 400 kPaand the C02 pressure outside the bottle is 0.4 kPa. The permeability coefficient P,n of C02 in PET is 0.23x10'l3 (cm3)(cm)/(cm2-s-Pa) :5 "hmdj: - (mm-‘7) «W O 07.6 353 “0" am" st! cm‘V’S ...
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