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No individuals exist apart from society at least not

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Unformatted text preview: female The roles of student & professor 9 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Relationships: established by different positions within society Examples All humans, by their very nature, are social. No individuals exist apart from society (at least not without first being socialized) From birth, individuals enter into relationships, based on their relative position to others, that were not of their choosing Children & Parents, siblings and other blood relations, friends and acquaintances, student & teacher, employer & employee 10 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Patterns of interaction between individuals: Structured by the social relationships established by the positions held by the participants (Also structured by history of previous interactions, biography, and the larger socio­historical context) Individuals interact through the use of meaningful or significant symbols 11 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Social structure: the relatively enduring patterns...
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