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They do this again and again all day long why in a

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Unformatted text preview: p of geographically bounded individuals Cannot necessarily be identified with the ‘nation­ state’, but this often works as a shorthand (e.g., US society) 14 Socialization in action Socialization in action At a crowed amusement park (such as Disney World) thousands of people wait patiently in long lines for up to an hour for a 1 to 3 minute ride. They do this again and again all day long. Why? In a large, crowed sporting event (such as a Cornell hockey game), people move into the arena, sit, stand, cheer, jeer, and leave the event in a relatively orderly manner—within a minimum of anti­social behavior exhibited. Why? In sociology, we focus on such patterned behavior and seek to answer the question “how is such order/organization possible?” When we look at exceptions, we do so to identify patterns in similar events across time and place. 15 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Different levels of analysis Micro­level: e.g., interaction between individuals (Bush & Rumsfeld) Meso­level: e.g., the stud...
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