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G a university but not always eg a handshake social

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Unformatted text preview: of social relationships that exist between positions in society Social institutions: patterned practices established to deal with ongoing situations Social structure is reproduced (and sometimes transformed) through social institutions Often have a physical basis: e.g., a university; but not always: e.g., a handshake Social institutions serve to socialize and integrate individuals into a society 12 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Culture: can be thought of the socially transmitted “tools” that individuals employ when they interact with others Distinct from instinct or imitation Ideal component: knowledge, beliefs, norms, meanings, values, symbols, language Material component: statues, buildings, art Often, cultural objects are both material and ideal: e.g., a piece of art or a technology 13 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Society: the social organization of individuals Consists of the social structure, culture, social institutions, and interactions of a grou...
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