Or not a social act an act carried out with others in

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Unformatted text preview: account (whether the other(s) be a particular individual or the ‘generalized other’, present or not) A ‘social act’: an act carried out with others in mind Example: conforming to a role or norm 6 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Positions: individuals occupy different positions in society, which establish social relationships between individuals Generally hierarchically ranked: relationships of power Come with roles Come with different perspectives Determine the legitimate claims one can make 7 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Example of the president The legitimate claims made by the president have to do with his position within a (legal­rational­bureaucratic) social structure, rather than personal attributes Thus, Joe Somebody might call for the army to attack another country, but without holding the position of president (and gaining consent of congress), such claims are meaningless—and often laughable 8 Fleshing out “society” Fleshing out “society” Roles: the cultural expectations associated with a given position Examples Gender roles are the cultural expectations associated with the biological categories of male and...
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