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Final Exam - Psyc-343-01: Introduction to Social Psychology...

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- - : Psyc 343 01 Introduction to Social Psychology : Review Sheet Final Exam - The final exam will cover chapters 1 16 in the Myers book and the lecture . . material The exam will be 50 multiple choice questions Since I will drop your , . lowest test grade you do not have to take the final Taking the final can only . improve your grade . 1 . Distinguish between a theory and a hypothesis . a : Theory an integrated set of principles that seeks to explain and predict the relationship between two or more events . i Cognitive dissonance theory . ii Balance theory . b : , Hypothesis an explicit testable prediction about the conditions under which an event will occur i. Balance theory : hypothesis if my best friend likes ice , cream I will like ice cream . 2 . Be able to distinguish between random assignment and random sampling . a : Random assignment everyone in the experiment has an equal ( ) chance being assigned to each group after sample . b : Random sampling everyone in population of interest has equal chance of being included . 3 Know the advantages and disadvantages of correlational and experimental . research . 4 - What is the self concept and where does it come from? a. - : Self concept the sum total of an individual s beliefs about his or . her own personal attributes Who am I? . b Comes from . i : Introspection inward reflection . ii : Perceptions of our own behavior I am generous because I gave a homeless person a dollar . iii Other people iv. : Autobiographical memories there was that time that I pulled that mean stunt . v Culture . 5 How does culture impact the self? Distinguish between individualism and
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Final Exam - Psyc-343-01: Introduction to Social Psychology...

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