Beatles Vs ROlling Stones

Beatles Vs ROlling Stones - Fortner 1 Austin Fortner...

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Fortner 1 Austin Fortner (a1794750) MUH 2017 R. Ellis February 13, 2008 “The Beatles and The Stones” During the mid to late sixties, while America was going through a period of change, America was invaded by the vibe of new British bands. Of all these new bands crossing the pond, two stood out like giants, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The Beatles were the first to have their fame in America but soon to follow were the Stones with a whole different attitude towards music. While the Beatles in the beginning were a pop band with solid vocals and identical outfits, the Rolling Stones burst onto the scene with the antithesis; dressing in crazy clothing with long hair and the bad boys of rock and roll attitudes. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles greatly differed in both their styles of music and their public image. Both the Rolling Stones and The Beatles have made a name for themselves in music history but each of them did it with a different style, each of which produced hit after hit. The Beatles in their early years were a band with roots and influences in the
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Beatles Vs ROlling Stones - Fortner 1 Austin Fortner...

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