Lab Report AF - Membrane Transport with Semipermeable...

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Membrane Transport with Semipermeable Membranes Austin Fortner BSC 2010Section 035 October 4, 2007 Introduction Membranes are a very important part of biology; They are responsible for keeping all the cells in the human body protected from the environment that they live in.
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Membranes are constructed of proteins and lipids that are arranged in a double layer. The lipids are called phospholipids and are composed of hydrophilic and hydrophobic pieces (Campbell Reece 2005). Hydrophobic means that it repels from water while hydrophilic means that it is attracted to water. The membrane also has proteins throughout the membrane which are used for transporting materials in and out of the cell. There are many different ways materials can be transported between the cell and it’s environment. One of these ways is called diffusion which is the passing of materials from a higher concentration to a lower concentration which requires no energy and considered passive transport. Another type of passive transport is osmosis which is a specific type of diffusion that only involves the movement of water from higher to lower concentrations (Lawson 2000). The only way for materials to move from one concentration to another is the idea of permeability. Membranes are selectively permeable which means that to some materials are able to move freely between the membrane while other larger materials are unable to move between it (Walter et al. 2007). This lab’s purpose is to discover how a selective permeable membrane works with an artificial membrane with similar properties. Ho: The materials in the different solutions will not transfer between the tubing.
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Lab Report AF - Membrane Transport with Semipermeable...

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